Learn What and Why of Serpstack

Benefits of Serp API APILayer powers this service.

Why use a SERP API?

Regularly gathering SERP data for your products and websites and keeping track of it over time is essential to a healthy SEO strategy. Rankings fluctuate significantly and search keywords become more or less applicable and valuable in the course of time — the only way of staying on top of these changes is to use a pre-built Software-as-a-Service solution or implement SERP data directly into your own applications or websites using a SERP API like serpstack.

The serpstack API is used to scrape SERP data at scale by thousands of SEO agencies, marketing professionals and companies of any size around the world.

Powered by apilayer

serpstack is a service built and maintained by apilayer, the company behind some of the most popular developer tools, SaaS products and APIs currently on the market — including currencylayer, eversign, invoicely and many more.

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